Genetic Testing for CBD and THC Optimizationwith Hailey Heard

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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • Role of genetic testing
  • Lab tests for CBD and THC
  • Strategies for optimizing benefits

Guest Expert

Hailey Heard

Dr. Hailey Heard is a published author, speaker, and active functional medicine practitioner. As co-founder of MaxGen Labs, NeuroWorks Wellness Center and DNA RX, Dr. Heard creates individualized nutrition programs for a variety of patient types. Dr. Heard specifically takes care of spectrum kids and autoimmune moms, but she also has a successful weight loss program based on genetic variations and nutritional deficiencies. When Dr. Heard is not looking at genetics and functional labs, she enjoys training clinicians in running custom-tailored functional medicine programs based on their niche.

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