The Future of Self-Carewith Sachin Patel

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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • Moving from patient to self-healer
  • Incorporating lifestyle changes
  • Using plant medicines

Guest Expert

Sachin Patel

Founder of The Living Proof Institute. Sachin was motivated to create The Living Proof Institute when he couldn’t find answers through conventional medicine. He explored functional and lifestyle medicine and it dramatically changed his life.

He has delivered hundreds of community workshops and his videos have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. He is an advocate for changing the healthcare paradigm and has devoted his life to the betterment of humanity.

Sachin leads by example and motivates others to take ownership over their own health. He is a passionate visionary and serves as both a teacher and a guide to help people create their best life and bring out their inner healer.

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