Restore Balance and Homeostasiswith Sherri Tutkus

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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • Balancing your endocannabinoid system
  • Using cannabinoids to treat chronic illness 
  • Difference between vaping and smoking

Guest Expert

Sherri Tutkus

Sherri Tutkus is the founder and CEO of GreenNurse Group, medical director of Irie Bliss Wellness and host of GreenNurse on the Go Radio Show. She is a cannabis nurse, patient and advocate. As a highly skilled registered nurse, she has 30 years of experience in various departments within the hospital and home setting. She also utilizes her expert nursing skills as a medical center specialist, clinical nurse liaison and educator to bridge the gap between patients and the cannabis community. Tutkus has been educating and implementing holistic, integrative healing modalities within her practice for over 20 years. She educates on the endocannabinoid system and the safe utilization of cannabis at dispensaries, hospitals, clinics, patients' homes, pop-up events and expos.

She is a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and the Cannabis Nurses Network, and she brings passion and purpose to her work in teaching bio-psycho-social-spiritual healing, using cannabis as a tool. She earned her Bachelor of Science and Nursing from Boston College.

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