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    The CBD Health Revolution Interview Transcripts eBook (PDF)
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    from Dr. Mary Clifton & V. Capaldi The CBD Health Revolution Interview Transcripts eBook (PDF) A $25.00 value!

    With so much information in these expert health interviews, many find it hard to take notes fast enough -- and the medical terms that are often used?! Fortunately, you can download this PDF version of the talk transcripts. This 337-page book is the literal transcription of the conversation with each expert, for every talk in the event schedule.

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    Autoimmunity eBundle
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    from Drs. Brent & Tiffany Caplan Autoimmunity eBundle A $129.00 value!

    Gain insights from an exploratory questionnaire, then learn 8 steps you can start today to take control of your health and wellbeing. Plus, you’ll get a breakdown of the major underlying triggers to developing autoimmunity, with autoimmune-friendly recipes to help prevent flare ups!

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    You Can Fix Your Brain Masterclass
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    from Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN You Can Fix Your Brain Masterclass A $97.00 value!

    Most of us don’t think about our brains until something is noticeably wrong. Discover how improving your gut/brain connection, eliminating toxins and choosing the right supplements can lead to more energy, better memories and a longer life!

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    Choose The Most Effective CBD Hemp Extracts eBook + Discount
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    from Sherrill Sellman, ND Choose The Most Effective CBD Hemp Extracts eBook + Discount A $100.00 value!

    Discover how to choose the best CBD products and access to an exclusive discount for Dr. Sherrill’s favorites. You’ll also receive Hemp Health Revolution: The A to Z Health Benefits of Hemp Extract eBook.

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    Real Food Reset Program
    Gift 5

    from Cyndi O'Meara Real Food Reset Program A $97.00 value!

    This online program is designed for people who are ready for a more health-driven lifestyle.  The simple, 5-step, self-guided process takes the guesswork out of mastering lifelong healthy habits.

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    coupon code: cbdhealthrevolution

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    Hot Not Bothered eBundle
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    from Debra Atkinson, MS, CSCS, MES Hot Not Bothered eBundle A $97.00 value!

    Master your metabolism before, during and after menopause! You’ll receive 99 daily “flips” to help you be slimmer, trimmer, fitter and faster. Includes a bonus interval training guide, workout videoes and recordings.

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    The Ultimate Gut Repair Resource Pack
    Gift 7

    from Human Longevity Project The Ultimate Gut Repair Resource Pack A $89.00 value!

    Restore proper gut balance and function! You’ll receive interview transcripts from Kiran Krishnan and Dr. Grace Liu, access to the Total Gut Restoration webinar, plus The 5 Gut Healing Foods printable reference sheet.

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    Calming the Chaos: 7 Day Guided Audio Meditation Series
    Gift 8

    from Partha Nandi, MD Calming the Chaos: 7 Day Guided Audio Meditation Series A $25.00 value!

    Perfect for beginners! You’ll be introduced to a unique meditation and mindfulness technique each day to support your health goals. Learn to minimize and eliminate daily stressors in just a few minutes.

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    The Healthy Brain Toolbox (Chapter 1)
    Gift 9

    from Dr. Ken Sharlin The Healthy Brain Toolbox (Chapter 1) A $25.00 value!

    The Healthy Brain Toolbox shows you how to balance the science and art of functional medicine to improve memory and protect yourself against age-related diseases of the brain. Get a sample of what this life-changing book by downloading Chapter 1: Houston, We Have a Problem! How to Think Outside the Box to Solve a Global Health Crisis.

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    Arousal Secrets for Women Over 35 eBook
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    from Dr. Anna Cabeca Arousal Secrets for Women Over 35 eBook A $25.00 value!

    In this eye-opening eBook, Dr. Anna shares why a healthy sex life is important to your overall health, and exactly HOW to get your sexual spark back so you can live with joy, passion and zest again!

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    Turmeric with Bioperine Supplement
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    from Cody Bramlett of Science Natural Supplements Turmeric with Bioperine Supplement A $39.00 value!

    Reduce inflammation and support weight loss! Receive 1 bottle of Turmeric with Bioperine at no charge, just pay shipping ($9.99). Ships to all 50 US states and over 36 countries!

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    The Magic of Hemp Oil + 15% off Coupon
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    from Hyla Cass, MD The Magic of Hemp Oil + 15% off Coupon A $25.00 value!

    Confused about CBD? Dr. Cass shares the answers to your questions about CBD/hemp oil extract and more! You’ll also receive case histories, scientific evidence and details on what to look for when you buy CBD products.

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