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Day 1: January 13, 2020

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  • CBD and the Brain


    What You'll Learn +

    • Impact on anxiety and pain management
    • Blood-brain barrier and cannabinoids
    • Stimulate and rebuild opioid receptors
  • Ken Sharlin

    Ken Sharlin

    Connection Between Neurology and CBD


    What You'll Learn +

    • What is functional medicine?
    • Connection between neurology and CBD
    • Future of CBD in healthcare

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  • Hyla Cass

    Hyla Cass

    Your Brain on CBD


    What You'll Learn +

    • Does it help or is it hype?
    • Understanding the ECS
    • Incorporating CBD in your practice

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  • Christine Schaffner

    Christine Schaffner

    CBD, Glymphatic System and Brain Detoxification


    What You'll Learn +

    • What is the glymphatic system?
    • Improving brain detoxification
    • Strategies to reduce brain inflammation

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  • CBD and Traumatic Brain Injury


    What You'll Learn +

    • Cannabinoid effects on qEEG data
    • Impact on TBIs 
    • Understanding your circadian rhythm

Day 2: January 14, 2020

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  • Fabrizio Mancini

    Fabrizio Mancini

    CBD in the War Against Opioids and Chronic Pain


    What You'll Learn +

    • Treating chronic pain
    • Opioid abuse
    • Naturally reducing inflammation

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  • Chef Pete Evans

    Chef Pete Evans

    The CBD Narrative


    What You'll Learn +

    • What is CBD?
    • Using an individualized approach 
    • Consciousness of CBD and beyond

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  • Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

    Power of CBD for Pets


    What You'll Learn +

    • Understanding your pet’s endocannabinoid system
    • How to talk to your vet
    • Choosing the best CBD

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  • Cyndi O'Meara

    Cyndi O'Meara

    The Power of Plants


    What You'll Learn +

    • Using plant life to maximize wellness 
    • Cannabinoids and hemophilia
    • Building a modern day medicine cabinet

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  • Oleg MaryAces

    Oleg MaryAces

    Terpenes in Cannabis


    What You'll Learn +

    • What are terpenes and how do they impact health?
    • Profiles found in plants and fruits
    • Research on using terpenes to treat illness

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  • Evan Litinas

    Evan Litinas

    Cannabinoid Dosage Management


    What You'll Learn +

    • How patients find relief with cannabinoids
    • Up-to-date research 
    • CBD in isolation

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Day 3: January 15, 2020

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  • Sarah Ballantyne

    Sarah Ballantyne

    The Science Behind CBD


    What You'll Learn +

    • Hype or hope?
    • Summary of current scientific studies
    • Power of CBD receptor activation

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  • Elisa Song

    Elisa Song

    Holistic Approach to PANS/PANDAS


    What You'll Learn +

    • What is PANS/PANDAS?
    • Symptoms and diagnostic criteria 
    • Holistic/functional medicine treatment options

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  • Judy A Mikovits

    Judy A Mikovits

    Combination Therapy for Cancer


    What You'll Learn +

    • Disease impact of endocannabinoid system (ECS) activation
    • Using whole-plant combinations 
    • Modulating the ECS with other botanicals

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  • Matt Hrovat

    Matt Hrovat

    CBD and Epilepsy from 3 to 30 Years


    What You'll Learn +

    • Insight into the life of person with daily seizures
    • Using CBD for a child and adult with epilepsy 
    • CBD to improve immune response

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  • Jonathan Bailor

    Jonathan Bailor

    How to Finally Get Your Weight Under Control


    What You'll Learn +

    • Science behind cravings 
    • Research on appetite and brain receptors
    • Using CBD for weight management

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Day 4: January 16, 2020

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  • Sherrill Sellman

    Sherrill Sellman

    Effects of CBD on Hormones


    What You'll Learn +

    • Role of hormones
    • Effects of CBD 
    • Choosing the right product

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  • Sherri Tutkus

    Sherri Tutkus

    Restore Balance and Homeostasis


    What You'll Learn +

    • Balancing your endocannabinoid system
    • Using cannabinoids to treat chronic illness 
    • Difference between vaping and smoking

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  • Ari Whitten

    Ari Whitten

    Disruptive Sleep and Circadian Rhythm


    What You'll Learn +

    • Most common reason for lack of energy
    • Exploring circadian rhythm as a regulatory organ
    • Impact on mitochondria

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  • Partha Nandi

    Partha Nandi

    Impact of Cannabis on Digestive Disorders


    What You'll Learn +

    • Improving digestive issues 
    • Autoimmune disease and cannabinoids
    • Healthy gut stimulation

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  • Cody Bramlett

    Cody Bramlett

    CBD Receptors and Anti-Inflammatory Effects


    What You'll Learn +

    • CBD receptors in areas of chronic pain
    • Anti-inflammatory properties of CBD
    • Reduce inflammation with turmeric and curcumin  

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Day 5: January 17, 2020

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  • Josh Axe

    Josh Axe

    From Chinese Medicine to Modern Day


    What You'll Learn +

    • Role of Chinese medicine 
    • Pursuing a root cause approach 
    • Using CBD and herbal combinations

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  • Sachin Patel

    Sachin Patel

    The Future of Self-Care


    What You'll Learn +

    • Moving from patient to self-healer
    • Incorporating lifestyle changes
    • Using plant medicines

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  • Hailey Heard

    Hailey Heard

    Genetic Testing for CBD and THC Optimization


    What You'll Learn +

    • Role of genetic testing
    • Lab tests for CBD and THC
    • Strategies for optimizing benefits

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  • Michelle Norris

    Michelle Norris

    Paleo and CBD: Going Back to Our Roots


    What You'll Learn +

    • Parallels in the paleo and hemp movements 
    • Impact of CBD 
    • Using plant-based healthcare

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  • Jason Prall

    Jason Prall

    Endocannabinoid System and Epigenetics Effects


    What You'll Learn +

    • Understanding the endocannabinoid system
    • Shifting the pharmaceutical industry
    • Genetic systems and epigenetics

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Day 6: January 18, 2020

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  • Terry Wahls

    Terry Wahls

    Power of the Mitochondria


    What You'll Learn +

    • Cellular level approach to healing
    • Role of the mitochondria
    • Impact of CBD on your cells

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  • Keesha Ewers

    Keesha Ewers

    Heal Emotional Trauma and Reverse Autoimmunity


    What You'll Learn +

    • How trauma affects the brain, immune system and hormones
    • Link between autoimmune disease, cancer and depression
    • Impact of trauma on your relationships

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  • Erin Elizabeth

    Erin Elizabeth

    Hyper-Mobility / Connective Tissue Disorder


    What You'll Learn +

    • A journalist’s perspective on CBD 
    • Impact on connective tissue disorder
    • Role of CBD today (and in healthcare’s future!)

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  • Anna Cabeca

    Anna Cabeca

    Balancing Hormones and Managing Menopause


    What You'll Learn +

    • Strategies for menopause
    • Proper nutrition and stimulating CBD receptors 
    • Improving your brain’s abilities

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  • Metabolism Before, During and After Menopause


    What You'll Learn +

    • How hormone balancing fitness is different 
    • Mindful exercise is more than yoga
    • Menopause is what you make of it

Day 7: January 19, 2020

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  • Morris Beegle

    Morris Beegle

    Agriculture, Eco-Systems and the Global Power of Hemp


    What You'll Learn +

    • Role outside of CBD
    • How hemp can lead the way
    • Impact on our carbon footprint

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  • Cait Curley

    Cait Curley

    Hemp Industrial Revolution


    What You'll Learn +

    • From agriculture to building homes
    • Next wave of hemp, beyond CBD
    • Changing the narrative beyond education

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  • Arnaud Dumas de Rauly

    Arnaud Dumas de Rauly

    Quality Assurance / Safety for Consumption Hardware


    What You'll Learn +

    • Understanding the economics of dispensaries
    • Difference between cannabinoid and nicotine vaping
    • Asking the right questions before making a purchase

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  • Will Cole

    Will Cole

    Your Modern Medicine Cabinet


    What You'll Learn +

    • Telemedicine, functional and holistic approaches
    • Role of CBD in modern medicine
    • Impact on today's climate

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